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Employment Law Institute West 2017 (Thumb Drive/Book Set)

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Learn about the latest and most important developments in employment law, including those employment law issues tackled by employment lawyers every day. Explore the latest developments and trends and get an idea of what lies ahead.

Summary of Contents

What’s New in Employment Law? A Tour of the Year’s Highlights
Hypothetically Speaking: A Discussion of FMLA and ADA Challenges
Conducting Efficient, Effective and Lawful Workplace Investigations
The New PA Supreme Court Requirement to Keep Confidential Information Confidential in Court Filings
Early Neutral Evaluation: What Works, What Does Not Work
What’s Hot Under the Fair Labor Standards Act?
Navigating Federal, State and Local Law Governing Discrimination Against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Employees
Employees Gone Rogue: Litigating Non-Compete Agreements and Protecting Trade Secrets
The Best EEOC Practice and Procedure Tips
Private Eyes Are Watching You: Privacy & Social Media Use in the Workplace
Summary Judgment Land
Arbitration (Non-Collective Bargaining) Landmines
Sexual Harassment Toolkit: Basics, Essentials, Hot Topics
Fire At-Will: Employee Terminations in Pennsylvania

Taking and Defending the Deposition of an HR Manager
View from the Other Side of the Bench: Practical Tips for Effective Employment Law Practice in the Western District of PA
The Best Mediation I Ever Had: Making the Most of Mediation
Unique Employment Issues in Litigating Against Public Employers
Invisible Disabilities
Pierced, Painted, Primped and Pony-Tailed: Workplace Appearance and Grooming Standards
What Is Discoverable in an Employment Discrimination Case
Ethical Issues in Employment Law
We’re Not Getting Any Younger – Handling the Boom in Age Discrimination Cases
What Does Legal Medical Marijuana Mean for Pennsylvania Employers and Employees?
Pay Oddities: Gender-Based Compensation Disparity Claims in 2017
Intersection of Social Media and Politics in the Workplace
What Are Your Ethical Obligations to Protect Your Client’s Information?
Top 10 Ways to Legally Hire the Best Employees
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Published: 11/1/2017
Pages: 1256
Volumes: 2
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