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Basic Veterans Law 2015

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As of July 1, 2008, any attorney wishing to assist claimants in the preparation, presentation, and prosecution of claims for veterans’ benefits must be accredited by the Veteran’s Administration. The process consists of application (VA Form 21a) to the General Counsel of the VA, self-certification of admission information concerning practice before any other court, bar, or State or Federal Agency, and a determination of character and fitness. As a further condition of initial accreditation, attorneys are required to complete at least three hours of qualifying continuing legal education during the first 12-month period following the date of initial accreditation by VA. To maintain accreditation, attorneys must complete an additional three hours of qualifying continuing legal education on veterans benefits law and procedure not later than three years from the date of initial accreditation and every two years thereafter. Explore the basic required material for that training and more.

Summary of Contents

VA Claim Process
Basic Principles of Veterans Law
Appeals to the Board of Veterans Appeals
Appeals to the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims
Attorney’s Fees
Ethical Issues in Veterans Law Practice

Published: 10/1/2015
Pages: 408
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