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Fundamentals of Estate Planning (electronic materials only)

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Examine each step of the estate planning process

Discover how the estate plan comes together as you examine each step of the process from the initial client interview through execution.

Draft an appropriate estate plan to suit your client’s needs

From determining your client’s goals to making sense of taxation issues to understanding how various aspects of your client’s life will impact the end product, creating an appropriate estate plan is filled with many intricacies. Attend this seminar to sort through the complexities involved in the process to create the best plan for your client.

Avoid hidden pitfalls

Failing to consider income tax consequences, inconsistent beneficiary designations and not reviewing an existing will or trust are just a few of the common pitfalls that can cause the best laid plans to go awry. Don’t let your clients fall into these traps. This program will examine familiar estate planning blunders and help you to spot them before trouble arises.

Published: 3/8/2016