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8th Annual Oil & Gas Law Colloquium

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Uncover the latest developments in legal and regulatory practice and explore the hottest topics and legal issues facing shale energy practitioners in Pennsylvania, including bankruptcy issues, leasing publicly owned streambeds, representing multiple clients, methane reduction regulations, and more.

Summary of Contents

Public Resource Issues: Implications of Robinson Township and How It Relates to DEP’s Chapter 78/78a Rulemaking and Other Regulations
Regulatory Update
Oil and Gas Bankruptcies
Regulation of Natural Gas Pipelines in Pennsylvania
Ethics of Internal Investigations of Environmental Crimes
A Closer Look at New Methane Reduction Regulations Targeting the Oil and Gas Industry
Covering Your Assets: Considerations for Purchase and Sale Agreements
in Oil and Gas Acquisitions and Divestitures
The Ever-Changing Air Regulations as They Relate to Fossil Fuel Exploration, Production, Transportation and End Use
LNG – From Upstream Gas Production to Emerging Global Markets
Oil and Gas Law—2016— Litigation Update
Streambed Ownership in Pennsylvania
Representing Multiple Clients in Energy Law Transactions (Slides)
Chapter 102/105 Wetlands
Anatomy of an Oil and Gas Quiet Title Action – Vanquishing the Villain and Vindicating the Victim? Northern Forests, II v. Keta Realty Company
Protection of Water Supplies under the 2012 Oil and Gas Act (and Analysis of the New Restoration/Replacement Water Quality Standard)
Oil and Gas Transactions – Negotiation and Taxation
Utilization of Business Arrangements for Oil and Gas Development
The $70 Freefall: Implications of & Opportunities in a Market Paradigm Shift
An Update on the Status of Pennsylvania Royalty Owner Litigation
Wage and Hour Law: What Employers Need to Know About Overtime Requirements

Published: 7/1/2016
Pages: 546
Size: 8.5x11