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The Attorney-Client Privilege and Work-Product Doctrine in Pennsylvania, 5th Edition (eBook)

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Review the basics but also complex issues regarding the privilege

Analyze the purpose of the privilege and its elements
Distinguish the privilege from the work-product doctrine
Understand the privilege both in the corporate context and when an insurer is involved
Learn about the risks of inadvertent waiver

Master effectively advising clients to preserve the privilege

Learn how to establish, maintain, and protect the privilege
Understand when the privilege does not apply so you can counsel your clients accordingly
Avoid waiver or limit its impact
Protect the privilege even when using e-mail

Get up to speed on the most recent developments

Examine applicability of privilege and work product in context of Right-to-Know Law
Understand the scope of waiver—selective versus subject matter
Learn how Red Vision affects the privilege in context of a defunct corporation
Master giving Upjohn warnings to corporate executives after Spanier, Shultz, and Sandusky

All-inclusive reference

1. Statutes
2. Purpose
3. Criteria
4. Client
5. Communications
6. Confidentiality
7. For Purposes of Legal Advice
8. Waiver
9. Practice and Procedure
10. E-mail and the Attorney-Client Privilege
11. Miscellaneous—Attorney-Client Privilege
12. Work Product
13. Insurance: Attorney-Client Privilege and Work-Product Issues

Table of Cases
Statutory Index
Subject Index

Practice Areas
Published: 7/1/2016
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