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Drug and Alcohol Issues in Civil Litigation–From the Liability of Physicians to Issues in Employment

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It’s in the news, schools, churches, workplace, and in yours or a neighbor’s living room: the Opioid epidemic’s effects have reached far beyond what anyone would ever have anticipated. And the dollars are starting to add up.

The price of dealing with the increase in overdose deaths is just one line in an ever-expanding list of costs associated with the US opioid epidemic—costs affecting public health, law enforcement, employment, and local government budgets. Could the new wave of related litigation be the answer to the epidemic?

While the media and public focus on the criminal implications of designer drug abuse, PBI offers a view tailored to the civil litigator. Taught by litigators, a forensic chemistry consultant, and an attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union, this manual dissects the epidemic from the litigators view.

Summary of Contents

  • Opioid, Alcohol and Inhalant Use Issues in Civil Litigation
  • The ABCs of Drugs - Slides
  • Civil Liability with Drug and Alcohol Misuse-Plaintiff and Defense View Points
  • Drugs and Alcohol in Family Court
  • Drug and Alcohol Issues in Schools
  • Drug and Alcohol Issues in the Workplace

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Published: 5/18/2018
Pages: 272
Size: 8.5x11