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Private Eyes Are Watching You: Privacy in the Workplace

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What are the everyday privacy concerns that arise in the workplace? In this publication, you get guidance on how best to advise your business clients who need to balance their interests with the privacy rights of their employees. In addition to offering insights into how to address the concerns posed by today’s technology, there is a discussion of pertinent laws and regulations relating to privacy. Drug testing and medical marijuana, political and religious expression in the workplace as well as email monitoring and cybersecurity are explored. You will appreciate the value of these materials as you work with your clients to navigate the privacy issues that arise in their workplaces.

Summary of Contents

  • Background Checks in the Workplace: What Every Employer Should Know
  • Medical Marijuana in the Workplace
  • Political and Religious Expression in the Workplace
  • Email and Electronic Monitoring, Cybersecurity, and Biometrics

Practice Areas
Published: 7/31/2018
Pages: 70
Size: 8.5x11