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22nd Annual Business Law Institute 2016 (Thumb Drive Only)

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Bring yourself up to speed on the corporate, employment law, compliance, and technology issues facing your company and your clients. Explore the Title 15 amendments, learn strategies to reduce your risk of cyber atttacks, and more.

Summary of Contents

Negotiator Styles & Negotiation Stages (Slides)
2016 Title 15 Amendments
Negotiation: Verbal & Nonverbal Communication (Slides)
Encryption for Lawyers: Fulfilling Your Ethical Duties
Compliantly Working with Governments (Slides)
Succession Planning for Family and Closely Held Businesses (Slides)
Choice of Entity Tax Implications
Employment Law Update
Overview of Crowdfunding
Software as a Service Agreements
Attorney-Client Privilege in Internal Investigations (Slides)
Employee or Independent Contractor the Risks of Misclassification
Managing Third-Party Risks (Slides)
Reducing and Eliminating Exposure to Cyber Liability
Business Divorce: What Pennsylvania Lawyers Need to Know
Online Legal Research: Fast and Free
Cybersecurity for Business
Corporate Litigation Update
ADR for Business Lawyers: An Overview
International Acquisitions and Joint Ventures
Post Mortem of a Business Collapse
Indemnification Agreements & Insurance
Privacy Overview for Business Lawyers
Preparing and Responding to Cease and Desist Letters (Slides)
Not All Fun and Games: Running Online Promotions
The New Federal Trade Secret Law and Other Recent Developments in the Law of Trade Secrets and Covenants Cases
What Every Business Needs to Know About the TCPA
Prevention and Management of Business Disputes
Creating, Influencing and Challenging Regulations
Data Security 101: A Lawyer’s Guide to Ethical Issues in the Digital Age – Overview of Ethical Obligations Governing Data Security
Pennsylvania Legislative Update

Published: 11/1/2016
Pages: 754
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