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The Civil Administrative Consequences of Criminal Actions

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Criminal convictions, sometimes simply the charges alone, have a big impact on professional and occupational licenses in Pennsylvania. They not only affect one’s ability to pursue a particular career or occupation, but can also remove privileges such as driving a car or owning a handgun. Explore the interplay between criminal and administrative actions, agency statutes that impose criminal sanctions, reporting and disclosure requirements, reciprocal licensing implications, coordinating investigations, the use and scope of various “non-admit” clauses, administrative discretion, and ethical concerns.

Summary of Contents

Professional Licensing Issues
Banking, Insurance & Human Resources Issues
Liquor & Gaming License Issues
Civil Administrative Consequences of Criminal Actions Imposed Under the Vehicle Code
Criminal Charges and Convictions & Attorney Licensing and Discipline

Published: 11/1/2016
Pages: 260
Size: 8.5x11