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Corporate Compliance and Ethics Series—Requirements for an Organizational Ethics and Compliance Program (Sold with #9431, 9432, 9433 as One Book)

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A number of laws and regulations require businesses and other types of organizations, such as trade associations and non-profits, to develop and operate an organizational ethics and compliance program. Explore an overview of the applicable laws and regulations as well as the legal requirements for an ethics and compliance program. Learn more about the attorney’s role in advising clients on making sound ethical and legal choices, evaluating how to effectively and efficiently identify legal risks through a risk assessment, identifying methods for prioritizing third-party risks as well as risk management methods through due diligence, training, contract clauses, and audits, and defining the relationship between governments and non-government organizations and individuals to identify and avoid corrupt transactions.

Summary of Contents

Legal Requirements for an Ethics & Compliance Program (Slides)
Risky Business: Identifying and Mitigating Legal Risks (Slides)
Managing Third Parties (Slides)
Compliantly Interacting with Governments (Slides)
Laws, Regulations and Cases
Settlements and Government Opinions

Published: 6/1/2016
Pages: 326
Size: 8.5x11