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Pennsylvania Family Law Discovery Forms, 11th Edition (eBook)

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This eleventh edition includes a new chapter on discovery related to commingled assets, updates to the standard and follow-up interrogatories, updates to the forms related to discovery of electronically stored information and the forensic examination of computers, and the current Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure relating to discovery.

Summary of Contents

  • Introductory Matter
  • Interrogatories—Matters Common to All Interrogatories
  • Interrogatories—Divorce and Equitable Distribution
  • Interrogatories—Support, Alimony Pendente Lite, and Alimony
  • Interrogatories—Custody
  • Interrogatories—Miscellaneous
  • Request for Production of Documents—Matters Common to All Such Requests
  • Request for Production of Documents—Divorce and Equitable Distribution
  • Request for Production of Documents—Support
  • Request for Production of Documents—Custody
  • Request for Production of Documents—Retirement Plan
  • Request for Production of Documents Related to Tracing of Income/Assets
  • Discovery of Electronically Stored Information and Forensic Examination of Computers
  • Other Forms Used in Connection with Discovery Matters
  • Questions to Qualify an Expert Witness
  • Business-Related Deposition Questions
  • Questions to Challenge Conflicting Expert Witness Testimony
  • Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure Relating to Discovery
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Published: 6/1/2016
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