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A Day on Contracts

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Contracts come into play in almost every area of law. Each area has its own language and understandings. This manual delves into specific contract types while addressing topics common to all contracts. This comprehensive manual also focuses on multiple contract types as well as on the basic rules and clause types that apply across the board.

Summary of Contents

  • Advanced Drafting Issues and Techniques
  • Revisiting Core Clauses
  • Sale of Goods Contracts
  • Key Provisions in Executive Employment Agreements
  • Loan Workout Boilerplate Provisions
  • Software, Intellectual Property and Licensing Contracts
  • Electronic and On-Line Contracts
  • Attorney Fee Agreements and Other Specialty Contracts
  • Negotiations – Ethics and Professionalism

Published: 8/13/2018
Pages: 754
Size: 8.5x11