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Medicare, Medicaid, VA Liens and Medicare Set-Asides

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The need and desire to preserve the financial integrity of governmental benefits is not in dispute. However, there is an overarching question as to whether the processes and procedures that have been put in place have had a chilling effect on the settlement of workers’ compensation and liability claims. Explore the areas of Medicare and Medicaid compliance in the resolution of these cases and some examples of where settlement was saved and settlement was lost due to concerns over government benefits and benefit based liens. Gain guidance on obtaining and preserving Medicare and Medicaid benefits and the use of special needs trusts, annuities, and other mechanisms that may assist parties in resolving claims that involve government benefits.

Summary of Contents

Governmental Benefits – Slides
Medicare Set-Aside (MSA) Update in General Liability and Workers’ Comp Claims
Medicaid Recovery Rights in PA
Tricare and VA Liens

Published: 9/1/2016
Pages: 234
Size: 8.5x11