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Assessment Law and Procedure in Pennsylvania, 16th Edition (Thumb Drive/Book Set)

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This book contains a concise, thorough introduction and review of assessment law, a step-by-step explanation of every significant aspect of assessment procedure, and the practical guidance to understand and apply both of them. The 16th edition is current through January 10, 2018.

Summary of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Assessment Appeal Boards
  • Assessment Appeal Hearing and Procedures
  • Assessment Trial
  • Post-trial Motions and Appellate Review and Procedure
  • Assessment Valuation Law
  • Uniformity, Equalization, and Ratio Law
  • Tax Payments and Assessment Settlements
  • Countywide Reassessment
  • Spot Assessment and Selective Reassessment
  • Exemption Law and Procedure
  • Assessment Procedure
  • Preferential Land Assessments
  • Tax Abatements and Miscellaneous Exemptions
  • Index of Cases
  • Statutory Index
  • Subject Matter Index

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Published: 5/1/2018
Pages: 794
Size: 6x9


Randy L. Varner Esq.
McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC (Hbg)
Paul R. Morcom Esq.
McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC (Hbg)