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The Post Conviction Relief Act: Practice and Procedure, 12th Edition (Includes Thumb Drive)

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Post Conviction Relief Act cases can be daunting for those who do not routinely handle them. This manual will prove to be an invaluable practical guide. Learn where to get the answers to questions and get helpful tips for presenting your case. This comprehensive publication provides a solid, working foundation in key areas of post conviction relief.

Seasoned practitioners or those new to the law will find it a valuable and useful law resource manual in their library. The author is a highly talented, respected and dedicated lawyer.

What's New in the 12th Edition:

  • Ineffectiveness and defendant’s admission of adequate representation
  • Intellectual disability and waiver of an Atkins hearing
  • Evidentiary hearing before determining whether counsel lacked a reasonable basis for act or omission
  • Prejudice and failure to object to inaccurate jury instruction
  • PCRA and Alleyne v. United States
  • Withdrawing as appellate counsel and defendant’s right to notice
  • Hearsay and the newly discovered fact exception to the timeliness requirement
  • Status of new claims in an amended petition following remand
  • Waiver colloquy and withdrawal claims

Summary of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Custody
  • Grounds for Seeking Post Conviction Relief
  • Previously Litigated Claims and Waiver
  • Successive Petitions for Post Conviction Relief
  • Time for Filing Petition, Jurisdiction, and Procedure
  • Standard of Review on Appeal
  • Appendix A: Pennsylvania Post Conviction Relief Act
  • Appendix B: Pennsylvania Rules of Criminal Procedure Governing Petitions for Post Conviction Relief
  • Appendix C: Summary of Statute, Rules, and Case Law Governing Capital and Non-Capital PCRA Cases
  • Appendix D: Forms
  • Appendix E: Table of Cases
  • Appendix F: Index

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Published: 4/1/2018
Pages: 292
Size: 6x9


Professor Thomas M. Place
Penn State Dickinson Law