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LLC, S Corp, C Corp, GP, LP, LLP or other form? A Guide to Choosing the Best Business Entity

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The first question that all entrepreneurs ask their legal counsel when they make good on their dream is, “How do I organize my business?” Choosing the best business entity depends on a host of considerations, and there is no shortage of organizational models from which to choose. As counsel, before making a recommendation, you must carefully consider each entity’s size and complexity, tax and liability, overhead, IP protection, and any existing regulatory requirements placed on the proposed business activity. Much like a puzzle, your client will be looking to you to fit all of the pieces together to form the optimal model. Ensure that you are up to the task.

Summary of Contents

Entity Selection
Taxation of Different Entities
Financing an Entity

Published: 10/1/2016
Pages: 202
Size: 8.5x11