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Kids in Cyberspace: Understanding the Laws Protecting Children in a Digital Age

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Texts, emails, posts, and pictures—friendly or fiendish? We can count on our children to know far more than we do about technology. With a few simple clicks, they navigate to places beyond the scope of their parents’ imagination—places that may bring them in contact with harmful content, unsafe individuals, and illegal activities. Unfortunately, the law struggles to keep up with these dangers, often keeping pace a step or two behind. Learn what you need to know to level the playing field against these dangers and navigate cyberspace’s emerging legal landscape.

Summary of Contents

The Evolution of Cyberprotection of Kids: A Look at the Past, Current, and Future of Cyber-Regulation
Schools on the Front Lines: A Look at Public School Obligation and Limitations Regarding Student Online Activities
The Legal Complexities Regarding Educating Students in an Online World:
A Look at How Technology and the Internet Impact Schools Today and How
Schools Are Learning to Use Technology to Benefit Students
Sex-Trafficking and the Internet: Protecting Our Most Vulnerable, High-Risk Kids
Prosecution, Prevention, and Protection: Examining the Legal Issues Regarding Internet Sex Trafficking in Pennsylvania
Kids and Cybercrime: Trends, Investigation, Prosecution, and Tips for Parents

Published: 12/1/2016
Pages: 221
Size: 8.5x11