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Family Caregiver Agreements and the Use of Real Estate

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Without proper planning, decisions regarding an elderly person’s care and personal property can create unintended tax and Medicaid eligibility problems. This book takes a practical look at the increasing number of situations in which elderly people choose to live at home or with family members. In these pages, you will learn about the family caregiver agreement, an increasingly popular and effective means to consider for insuring that clients’ goals are met. Discover the advantages and disadvantages of caregiver contracts, how they work, how to effectively draft these important documents, what tricky real estate issues can arise, and what laws and regulations apply to them.

Summary of Contents

  • Family Care Agreements or Personal Service Contracts
  • Family Caregiver Agreement–Sample Clauses
  • Family Reimbursement Agreement
  • Family “Caregiver” Exception to Medicaid Transfer Rules
  • Life Estates under the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005
  • Real Estate Issues for the Elder Law Practitioner

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Published: 9/26/2018
Pages: 250
Size: 8.5x11