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Medical Malpractice

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The stakes are often very high in emotionally charged medical malpractice cases. What guidance does the latest case law offer when bringing or defending a medical malpractice claim? What do you need to understand when conducting discovery of electronic medical records? To what extent can social media play a role in med mal cases? In this update, you’ll get answers to these questions and also explore Medicare set-asides and special needs trusts. You’ll pick up tips and techniques
for effective alternative dispute resolution and mediation and gain insights into what is happening with the MCare Fund. You will appreciate the value of these materials as you prepare for your next medical malpractice case for trial.

Summary of Contents

  • Medical Malpractice Update: Recent Developments in Medical Malpractice Law
  • Case Law Summaries
  • Med Mal Practitioner’s Tool Kit
  • MSA Alternatives in 2018
  • The Perfect Storm: Final Warnings from CMS about LMSAs
  • The Use of Medicare Set-Aside Arrangements in Personal Injury Actions
  • New Common Working File (CWF) Medicare SecondaryPayer (MSP) Type for Liability Medicare Set-Aside Arrangements(LMSAs) and No-Fault Medicare Set-Aside Arrangements (NFMSAs)
  • Tips and Techniques on Effective ADR and Mediation

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Published: 8/8/2018
Pages: 166
Size: 8.5x11