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Enrolling in Medicare

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If you or your clients will soon become eligible for Medicare, it's time to explore how and when to enroll. This course and book will give you an overview of the Medicare system, its various components, and associated programs. You’ll learn about access to care, benefits and costs. And, you’ll discover the options, deadlines, and landmines to avoid. You’ll come away with a clearer understanding of how the Medicare system functions, and you’ll get answers to questions like these:

  1. What do my clients or I need to know before enrolling in the system?
  2. How does Part D prescription drug coverage work?
  3. Will I need additional insurance coverage for things Medicare does not cover?
  4. How do I integrate Medicare coverage with private insurance products?
  5. In what ways has the Affordable Care Act impacted Medicare coverage?

Summary of Contents

  • Enrolling in Medicare
    • Introduction
    • What Is Medicare?
    • Medicare Coverage
    • Medicare’s Components
    • Enrolling in Medicare
    • Cost Sharing
    • In-Patient Hospital Care
    • Part A Benefit Period Skilled Nursing Facility Care
    • Hospice Care under Medicare Part A
    • Hospital Inpatient vs. Outpatient Status
    • The Effects of Outpatient Status
    • Medicare Part B Premiums
    • Medicare Part B Deductible
    • Enhancing Basic Medicare Coverage
    • Medigaps
    • Medigap Benefit Matrix
    • Medicare Advantage Plans
    • Medicare Part D
    • Formulary
    • Medicare Part B Drugs
    • Integrating Medicare and Medicaid Coverage
    • Pennsylvania’s Dual Eligibles
  • Slides: Enrolling in the Medicare System
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Published: 10/5/2018
Pages: 85
Size: 8.5x11