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15th Annual Nonprofit Institute 2017

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Explore the impact of the 2016 presidential election on nonprofits, why nonprofits must engage to advocate for their missions, how nonprofits can strengthen communities to become government partners, what attorneys need to know to assist nonprofits to use their full rights while still adhering to the legal ethics guidelines, and major policy issues.

Summary of Contents

The Re-Energized Nonprofit Sector: What the New Policy World Means for Nonprofits and Their Attorneys
Starting and Maintaining a PA 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization
Choice of Entity: Pros and Cons of Forming and Operating Charitable Trusts vs. Nonprofit Corporations
A Detailed Look at the Minimum Wage Law
How to Get More Than a Garden Variety Board: Key Steps to Seed, Cultivate and Harvest a High Functioning Board Member
Managing and Investing Charity Funds: Fiduciary Duty / Prudent Investing / Total Return Investing / Investment and Spending Policies
The Hiring Process: Dos and Don’ts for Employees and Volunteers
Don Kramer’s Update: What Every Nonprofit Board Needs to Know about the Law
Mitigating Risk: The Essentials of Keeping Every Non-Profit Financially Secure
New Accounting Rules for Nonprofits
Harassment: Can You Afford the Legal, Reputational or Mission Risks?
Board Compensation: To Pay or Not to Pay, That Is the Question
Fundraising 101: Laws and Regulations
Endowments and Other Donor Restricted Gifts
Nonprofits and Social Media: Strategies for Success/Quagmires to Avoid
How the Board Can Avoid Getting into Trouble with the PA Attorney General
How to Generate Income for Your Nonprofit
Mixing Politics and Charities: The Ethical Conundrum

Published: 5/1/2017
Pages: 980
Size: 8.5x11