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Krasnowiecki on Real Property Law and Practice, 6th Edition (Thumb Drive/Book Set)

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Comprehensive. Detailed. Informative. These are just a few ways to describe the new edition of Krasnowiecki on Real Property Law and Practice. This comprehensive analysis of emerging and evolving law covers the areas of mortgage financing, bankruptcy, mechanics’ liens, zoning and land use, eminent domain, governmental regulatory measures, and more, backing up the discussion with specific case law examples and fact patterns. Mr. Krasnowiecki draws on his entire career as litigator, educator, and legal drafter in presenting the rules and current practice as they apply in Pennsylvania and federally. New material includes Act 13 updates and Robinson Township IV; subsurface estates and “title washing”; quiet title actions against “heirs or assigns unknown”; title and property issues in the oil and gas industry—In re Sabine Oil & Gas Corporation, Kennedy v. Consol Energy, Inc., and Vosburg v. NBC Seventh Realty Corporation; legislative zoning changes and rezoning ordinances; eminent domain and pipeline companies as public utilities; treatment of underwater mortgages in bankruptcy; sale of entireties property to satisfy tax liability of only one spouse; equitable right to subrogation of mortgage lender; and maintenance of streets and sidewalks. Along with the recent important Pennsylvania decisions that are covered at some length in this new edition, numerous earlier Pennsylvania cases, both state and federal, have been added to aid the practitioner in further research.

Summary of Contents

The Origins of American Real Property Law
The Development of Property Remedies and the Origins of Equity
The Real Property Title System, the Recording Acts, and the Role of Adverse Possession
The Fee Simple, the Fee Subject to Condition Subsequent, Determinable Fees, and Mortgages
Concurrent Ownership
Landlord and Tenant
Agreements Affecting Land Use
Zoning and Other Governmental Intervention in Real Estate Development
Eminent Domain
Agreements for the Sale of Real Estate
Mortgage Financing Issues

Index of Cases
Subject Index

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Practice Areas
Published: 3/1/2017
Pages: 1020
Size: 6x9