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Family Law Institute 2019

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This book is our premier offering in family law and provide you with the latest updates from an outstanding and expert authors. Whether you are a “veteran” practitioner, a new attorney, or somewhere in between, this manual is your point of reference.

Summary of Contents

  • Parent Coordination – What is It and When Does It Work?
  • Mission Impossible (Slides)
  • Trials and Tribulations of Witness Examinations (Slides)
  • New Support Rules – Changes in the Law
  • Intersection of Children and Youth Cases – Select Rules
  • Case Law, Rules and Legislative Updates
  • Drafting Agreements in the Year 2019A
  • New Norm: Third Parties in Custody 
  • Mental Fitness – Impaired Professionals

Practice Areas
Published: 4/23/2019
Pages: 772
Size: 8.5x11