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The Medicaid Application Process

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There are many facets of Medicaid benefits planning that must be mastered in order to successfully navigate the waters of this complicated area of law. Discover the basics of Medicaid, such as eligibility rules for single persons and married couples, spend-down techniques, asset transfer rules, and basic planning strategies. Learn how to fill out the PA 600L application for Medical Assistance, avoid common mistakes, interface with the various players involved, and deal with such issues as penalized gifts, caregiver agreements, prepaid funeral expenses, purchasing personal items for the applicant or spouse, post eligibility planning and post-death issues. Prepare yourself so you can guide your clients through what is often a very difficult time in their lives.

Summary of Contents

Medicaid Basics
Crunching the Numbers for Medicaid & VA Planning

Published: 3/1/2017
Pages: 119
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