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Municipal Liability in Pennsylvania, 8th Edition (Thumb Drive/Book Set)

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The Eighth Edition offers 10 information-packed chapters addressing issues of municipal liability in detail and discusses the historical background of the continuing evolution of these issues in Pennsylvania. It further provides a detailed discussion and analysis of the Political Subdivision Tort Claims Act and Recreation Act, along with 2000 + cases cited!

The book includes practical features, such as a brief chapter-by-chapter summary, an issues checklist, sample pleadings, interrogatories, document requests and more. The summary is both a refresher outline for any practitioner and a quick, basic introduction for law clerks or paralegals assisting attorneys with a case. The issues checklist focuses on the key factors that should be considered when conducting client interviews, case evaluations, legal research, and a variety of other trial preparation tasks.

The sample pleadings and discovery documents will guide you when litigating a municipal liability case.

Summary of Contents

Historical Perspective
An Overview of the Political Subdivision Tort Claims Act
Detailed Analysis of the Tort Claims Act
Exceptions to Immunity
Official Immunity
Legal Assistance and Indemnity of Municipal Officials and Employees
Bars to Suit
The Recreation Act
Alternative Theories of Legal Liability for Personal Injury Claims—State-Created Danger
Index of Cases
Index of Statutes
Subject Matter Index

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Published: 3/1/2017
Pages: 680
Size: 6x9


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