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Retirement Planning for Attorneys

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Whether you are considering retirement from a large firm, a small firm, or are a solo practitioner planning for an unanticipated absence, learn the steps you need to take to wind down your law practice. Gain tips to help you organize your interests and analyze your goals based on social security, Medicare, and other health insurance needs. Explore the practical concerns related to retirement, such as when to opt in to Medicare, the rules of distribution from retirement savings plans and IRAs, and discuss other health insurance options.

Summary of Contents

Planning for Solos - Retirement, Disability and Deaths
Transition and Retirement in Larger Law Firms
Medicare: I’m Eligible, Now What?
Understanding Medicare: A Primer for the Medicare System
The Rules on Retirement Saving and Distribution
The Retirement Process
Thirteen Items on the Subject of Retirement
Retirement Planning for Attorneys: Retiring from a Larger Law Firm

Published: 5/1/2017
Pages: 242
Size: 8.5x11