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Running Your Firm Like a Business

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Lawyers are trained in law school to be lawyers—not business people. But the fact is that very few lawyers have the luxury of “just practicing law”—they need to be business people, HR people, be familiar with accounting practices, and much more. Sole practitioners, lawyers in smaller firms, lawyers considering going to a new firm, or law practices considering taking on a new partner all need to have business skills to inform their decisions and to be sure they are making the right decisions. Take a very practical look at the skills and information one needs to have to run a law practice like a business and enable lawyers to make better business decisions and run a smoother and more efficient law practice.

Summary of Contents

Starting or Buying Into a Practice (Or Buying a Practice)
Importance of Accounting Systems and Financial Reporting
Critical Importance of Attorney Trust Accounts
Billing and Collection Tips and Techniques
The IRS Wants to Know About Attorneys… And the Way You Practice
Delegation Dynamics
Improving Cash Flow through Expense Reduction
Succession Planning for the Lawyer
Practice Areas
Published: 3/1/2017
Pages: 216
Size: 8.5x11