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The Modern Rules of Order: A Guide for Conducting Business Meetings, 5th Edition

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How many times have you squirmed while a business meeting chair struggled to control a meeting under Robert's Rules of Order? How many times have you thought, "There has to be a better way"? Well, there is! The Modern Rules of Order is a simple and straightforward system that can be mastered in just half an hour, with a handy chart that tells, at a glance, how to handle any motion. Recognizing that the purpose of a meeting is to get things done, and that procedural rules should enable, not encumber, that purpose, The Modern Rules of Order empowers a meeting chair to encourage full and fair debate, and then bring an issue to a vote. The Modern Rules of Order provides a concise, practical guide to improve the quality and productivity of any meeting. In addition to succinct discussion of just two simple rules and 13 guidance topics, the ebook also offers model agendas, minutes, and more.

Summary of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Rules of Order
  • Discussion of the Rules and Guides
  • Typical Meeting Agendas
  • Discussion of Minutes and General Guidelines for the Conduct of Meetings
  • Typical Minutes
  • Subject Index

Published: 3/1/2017
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