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Successful Real Estate Development Projects

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How can you help your clients convert an idea or vision into a successful real estate development? What risks should your clients be prepared for, and how do you manage those risks? What do you need to know to give legal advice to a land owner, real estate professional, entrepreneur or developer client who wishes to build and own a retail center, apartment complex, office building or some other real estate project? This book explores not only the “how” but the “who,” “what,” “where” and “why” for developing commercial real estate.


Summary of Contents

  • Introduction: The Developer, The Hero of Civilization 
  • Overview: The Mission, the Vision and the Impetus 
  • Joint Venture Agreements: The Marriage of Convenience
  • Pre-Development Contracts: Setting the Ground Rules: Non-Disclosure
  • Agreements, Broker Agreements and Letters of Intent 
  • Development Agreements and Construction Contracts: The “Me” in “Team”
  • Land Use and Public/Private Initiatives: Will It Work 
  • Building the Capital Stack 
  • Exit by Sale

Practice Areas
Published: 4/10/2019
Pages: 244
Size: 8.5x11