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My Client's Dead, Now What?

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How will you respond when the family of a deceased client calls and asks, “What do we do now?” This practical guide goes beyond estate administration basics and deals with other “death questions” that often arise. Learn how to get started with your client, set up bank accounts, deal with probate and non-probate assets, handle funeral and burial issues, get rid of property, settle with creditors, and wrap up the estate.

Summary of Contents

  • Funeral and Burial Issues
  • Estate Administration—Getting Started with Your Clients
  • Setting up Bank Accounts
  • Dealing with Probate Assets
  • Handling Non-Probate Assets
  • Inheritance Tax 
  • Real and Personal Property—How to Get Rid of Stuff!
  • Settling with Creditors—Getting the Bills Paid
  • Wrapping up the Estate—Family Settlements

Practice Areas
Published: 2/1/2019
Pages: 202
Size: 8.5x11