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Truck Accident Litigation

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Handling trucking accident litigation can be tricky. This manual covers the highly technical regulations that govern the trucking industry. The increasingly sophisticated technology in tractor trailer trucks produces a lot of evidence that can be used in litigation. The chapters in this manual will examine all of the key elements of truck accident litigation and help you understand how to analyze the electronic clues produced in trucking accidents.

Summary of Contents

  • Truck Accidents: Know the Key Regs! 
  • Truck Accidents: The Admissibility of Compliance with or Violation of Federal Regulations 
  • Technology in the Trucking Industry (Slides)
  • Truck Accident Litigation
  • Deposing the Defendant Truck Driver–A Case Study (Slides)
  • Practice Pointers on Specific Case Types

Published: 2/13/2019
Pages: 102
Size: 8.5x11