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The Brain—Lessons from Neuroscience to Ace Your Next Case

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The complicated, multidisciplinary, and quickly developing field of neuroscience is not only leading to life-saving advancements in medicine, it is also making its mark on the justice system, revealing new findings that better define pain, intention, addiction and responsibility. Certainly not a new concept, “neurolawyering” is becoming increasingly more relevant in the legal practice for its many applications ‒ even a basic understanding can shape behavior and increase empathy for clients.

This manual takes you on a journey through the brain, exploring essential mental health conditions, Alzheimer’s Disease, secondary traumatic stress among lawyers, traumatic brain injury, addiction and mindfulness.

Summary of Contents

  • Neurocognitive Disorders: A Medical Perspective for the Legal Profession
  • Understanding Trauma and Building Resilience Through Relational Lawyering 
  • Mental Health Conditions 
  • Traumatic Brain Injury 
  • Brain Chemistry of Addiction 
  • Mindful Lawyering: Training the Brain to Heal Painful Habits 
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Published: 8/5/2019
Pages: 194
Size: 8.5x11