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Slings Arrows and Guns: Hunting Regulations in Pennsylvania

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Hunting and trapping are two of America’s greatest pastimes. In this book, you’ll discover the basics of how Pennsylvania regulates hunting and trapping and learn the laws that control the who, when and where of hunting in Pennsylvania. You will also understand the regulatory framework that governs the suspension and reinstatement of Pennsylvania hunting privileges and the public policy aspects of how hunting is regulated in the Commonwealth.

Summary of Contents

  • A Primer on the Structure, Powers, and Duties of the Pennsylvania Game Commission 
  • Public Trust, The Environmental Amendment, And Pennsylvania 
  • Recreational Use of Land and Water Act 
  • Preemption of Municipal Ordinances Under the Game and Wildlife Code 
  • A Primer on Hunting and Furtaking License Revocation in Pennsylvania 
  • 2019 Firearms-Related Considerations Concerning Hunting and Trapping in Pennsylvania (Slides) 
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Published: 6/19/2019
Pages: 114
Size: 8.5x11