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Interplay of Workers' Compensation and 3rd Party Cases (Electronic Download)

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This manual were designed to help guide you through the global resolution of your cases. The manual will help you coordinate how to handle an on-the-job injury with a 3rd party claim or vice versa. The experienced authors provide valuable advice and practice tips to maximize recovery options for your client.

Summary of Contents

  • Third Party Tort Remedies for Work-Related Accidents
  • Course and Scope of Employment Accidents Involving 3rd Parties
  • Coordination of Litigating the Workers’ Compensation Claim and 3rd Parties
  • Implications of Settling Workers’ Compensation Cases on Third Party Cases and “Visa Versa”
  • Third-Party Subrogation and Workers’ Compensation
Practice Areas
Published: 11/15/2018
Pages: 118