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Best Practices in Pretrial Litigation in the Federal Courts

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Countless cases are won or lost without ever empaneling a jury—often because they are settled out of court or resolved on summary judgment. A litigator’s proficiency in planning a case is as important as his or her understanding of the law or ability to present effectively before a jury. Gain your indispensable guide to pretrial planning for the “well-tried” case.  Walk through the process, exploring concepts and strategies that will teach you how to think and act as a successful advocate in the practice of pretrial litigation. 

Summary of Contents

  • Best Practices in Pretrial Litigation (Slides) 
  • Initiating an Action and Pleadings (Slides)
  •  Dispositive Motions 
  • Electronic Discovery 
  • Written and Oral Discovery 
  • ADR
  •  Ethical Hypotheticals 
  • In Limine Motions and Final Pre-Trial Conferences

Practice Areas
Published: 11/7/2019
Pages: 454
Size: 8.5x11