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Using Social Media Effectively and Ethically in Your Practice (Electronic Download)

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Social media has infiltrated the practice of law at every point of the profession. This book is designed to help attorneys develop the tools to be more productive in the use of social media, including digital reputation, communications, public relations, marketing, and even advertising. Our authors explain how attorneys can build, manage, monitor, and sometimes even repair their social media presence to capitalize on the opportunities afforded by this medium. They will also review the Pennsylvania Rules of Professional Conduct that govern communications, including social media, social media platforms, the do’s and don’ts of social media communications, and the impact these platforms have—and will continue to have—on the practice of law.

Summary of Contents

Using Social Media Effectively and Ethically in Your Practice

  • Social Media, Lawyers, and Law Firms
  • How Crowded Is It?
  • When We Use Social Media
  • Social Media Strategies
  • A Note about Social Media Policies
  • Ethical Engagement

Online Reputation Management: A Guide for Social Media Marketers 

  • Online Reputation Management and How It Impacts Your Business

1. Decide What You Want Your Online Reputation to Be 
2. Assess Your Current Online Reputation 
3. Craft a Social Media Policy to Guide Engagement That Supports Your Reputation Goals 
4. Design a Social Media Content Strategy to Promote Your Desired Reputation 
5. Enhance Your Reputation with Blog Posts (Owned Media) 
6. Pursue and Manage Your Online Reputation 

  • Conclusion 

Appendix A: Four Steps to Protect Your Brand on Social Media 
Appendix B: Don’t Get Tagged – Avoiding Ethical Missteps with Social Media Investigations 
Appendix C: Social Media and Practice: Questions Attorneys Should Ask Now 
Appendix D: Social Media Policy Checklist 

Published: 3/27/2019
Pages: 66