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PAstyle: A Pennsylvania Stylebook and Citation Guide for Legal Writing, 7th Edition (eBook)

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No law says a legal citation guide has to be boring or hard to use. (We know—we checked.) Noted by the Bluebook as a source of Pennsylvania-specific legal citation, PAstyle: A Pennsylvania Stylebook and Citation Guide for Legal Writing is a practical guide to legal writing and citation. Written in an approachable and fun-to-read style and designed to be the Swiss Army knife of desk references in a lawyer’s arsenal, PAstyle covers all aspects of writing from grammar, spelling, and citation to how to make document production faster and easier.

Included are:

  • citation formats: cases, rules, and statutes, both federal and state
  • listing of Pennsylvania county legal journals and their citation formats
  • abbreviations and terms in citations
  • general style guidelines for clear writing
  • grammar and usage guides
  • typography: court requirements, typographical symbols, and tips for more efficient document production
  • quick-reference word list with hundreds of words noting case, spelling, and style
  • names of acts often mis-cited and citations for common Pennsylvania codes
  • Internet sources for further information on citation and style

Included with the ebook is a PDF file with commenting capabilities enabled for users to be able to add their own notes to the book.

Summary of Contents

Part One: Citations
  • Citation Format
  • Citation Rules
  • Abbreviations and Terms in Citations
Part Two: Text
  • General Style Guidelines
  • Grammar and Usage
  • Typography
Part Three: Appendices
  • Quick-Reference Word List
  • Popular Name Acts
  • Handy Internet Sources for Citation and Style
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Published: 4/1/2019
Pages: 330
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