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Construction Contract Drafting

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This book feature drafting tips and best practices for parties to consider upon undertaking a construction project. The topics cover construction contract tips and evaluations from the perspectives of commercial owners and business tenants, homeowners and residential building owners, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers. 

Summary of Contents

Drafting Construction Contract Documents 

  • Understand the Contract Chain 
  • Who Hired the Architect? Or to Design-Build or Not To Design-Build? 
  • Understand the Contract Form and Payment Terms 
  • GMP vs. Lump Sum Contracts 
  • Contract Attachments 
  • Progress and Final Payment Lien/Claim Waivers – More Critical Than Ever
  • Conditions vs. Conditions 
  • Bonds!
  • Insurance Regimes: “Subguard”, OCIP, CCIP 
  • Liquidated Damages and Waivers of Consequential Damages 
  • The Right to Issue Joint-Checks 
  • No Damages for Delay 
  • Waivers of Workers Compensation Immunity 
  • Pennsylvania State Construction Notice Directory 
  • Critical Residential Building Differences


Appendix A: 73 P.S. § 501, et seq. The New Pennsylvania Contractor and Subcontractor Payment Act 
Appendix B: 49 P.S. §§ 1501.1-6. Pennsylvania Statutes Title Mechanics’ Liens
Appendix C: 73 P.S. § 517.1, et seq. Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act 

Practice Areas
Published: 7/11/2019
Pages: 70
Size: 8.5x11