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Intellectual Property Law Institute 2018 (Download Only)

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Learn what you need to know about current issues in the rapidly expanding area of intellectual property law. This informative manual addresses a wide variety of topics and will provide a ready reference that should prove invaluable when those inevitable IP questions arise.

Summary of Contents

  • IP Basics: So You Think You’ve Got Something?
  • Slides: 2018 Patent Law Review
  • Slides: Ethical Issues in Trademarks
  • Slides: The Post-Aqua Products PTAB
  • Slides: False Advertising and Non-Traditional Marketing Regulation
  • Institutional Fracture in Intellectual Property Law: The Supreme Court Versus Congress
  • Slides: Tips and Strategies for Taking Down Internet Content
  • Commercial Contracting for the IP Lawyer
  • Slides: Trade Secret Update
  • Slides: The Internet of Things: Implications for Copyright and Privacy
  • Trademark Law Update 2018
  • Copyright Law Update 2018
  • Slides: Client Expectations
  • Slides: Year in Review – Domain Names
  • Intellectual Property Attaché, USPTO, U.S. Consulate General Shanghai
  • Bad Faith Trademark Filings
  • Slides: Blockchain Patents
  • Managing the High-Profile IP Case
  • Slides: Ethical Issues Presented by the Strategic Use of Litigation Tactics
Practice Areas
Published: 4/1/2018
Pages: 587