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Employment Law Institute 2019 (Electronic Download)

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For the 25th year, the Employment Law Institute continues to provide realistic solutions to everyday and unexpected problems in employment law. This Institute manual is a perfect opportunity for you to get a complete update on changes in the law impacting the workplace and concrete insights into why those changes matter. With 53 chapters devoted to the latest developments and trends about what lies ahead, you are sure to acquire new and invaluable information from the contents of these exceptional Institute books.


Summary of Contents

Volume I

  • Year in Review: What’s New in Employment Law
  • The Fundamentals of Wage and Hour Law
  • Working Remotely: The Legal Challenges Employers Face from the Growing Popularity of Telecommuting Arrangements 
  • Legalize It – Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Act
  • Best Practices for Workplace Investigations in the “Me-Too” Era
  • What to Do If You Think Your Employee Is Abusing the FMLA or ADA…or If Your Employer Is Trying to Make Leave Difficult
  • Checkmate: Dealing With That Problem Employee
  • Emotional Damages in Harassment Cases
  • ADA Basics: “Big Picture” Considerations for the Workplace
  • When You Need to Break Up With Your Client – Handling the Tough Issues Ethically
  • Laboring to Find Labor Clients: The Pitfalls of Legal Advertising
  • A Call for Action – Impairment in the Legal Profession and What YOU Can Do About It

Volume II

  • Negotiating to Win: Getting Everything While Giving Nothing
  • Fusion Between Entertainment Law and Employment Law
  • Mock Mediation: Views from the Mediator, Plaintiff and Defense Side
  • Recurring Discovery and Evidence Problems in Employment Cases
  • Developments in LGBT Employment Rights
  • Family and Medical Leave Act Basics
  • Restrictive Covenants and Trade Secrets: Keeping Your Employees Honest and Your Secrets Safe
  • Advanced Pre-Trial and Trial Tactics for Experienced Employment Attorneys Concerning Mitigation
  • The Electronic Communications in the Workplace: What Every Employer and Employee Lawyer Needs to Know
  • The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation: It’s Impact on Domestic Employers
  • We’re Not Getting Any Younger: Handling the Boom in Age Discrimination Case
  • Creating Safe Spaces: Some New Approaches to Sexual Harassment Prevention
  • ADA Survivor
  • Biometrics in the Workplace: How Technology Is Changing the Way Business Is Done
  • Preparing Arbitration Plans Post-Epic Systems


Volume III

  • Breakfast with the Judges: Key Trends Affecting Damages in Employment Law Cases
  • Private Eyes Are Watching You: Common Privacy Issues in the Workplace: What Every Employer Should Know
  • Management Training That Can Help HR Avoid Legal Risks
  • Latent Bias Research for Employment Lawyers
  • Trusting the Process: The Differences Between Public and Private Employment Rights, Complaints and Disciplinary Processes
  • EEOC’s Perspective
  • Blowing the Whistle on Cybersecurity Problems: Protections for Whistleblowers and Areas of Liability for Employers
  • Employment Arbitration Agreements: Litigating and Arbitrating to Conclusion
  • E-Discovery Toolkit: How to Chisel Away the Costs of E-Discovery 
  • Making the Most of EEOC Mediations
  • Ethics War Stories 
  • Ripped From the Headlines: Lawyers Behaving Badly
  • The E in Email Stands for Evidence: Email Etiquette to Avoid Legal Issues 
  • Workplace Harassment: Proving It and Defending Against Claims 
  • Title IX in the Employment Context: Representing Faculty and Staff Accused of Sexual Harassment 
  • Navigating Real (and Imagined) Independent Contractor Issues in the Gig Economy
  • Regulating Off-Duty Conduct in the Digital Age
  • Deposition Witness Preparation 
  • The Art of the Deal: Issues in the Negotiation of Executive Employment Agreements
  • Dealing with a #MeToo Claim From a Current Employee: Strategies and Best Practices
  • Wage and Hour Update 
  • Tips on Successfully Navigating the ADA Interactive Process
  • The Down and Dirty on Title VII
  • It’s All in the Family: FMLA Requirements in the Context of Maternity Leave, Paternity Leave and Pregnancy Disability 
  • What Are We Not Asking for in Discovery in These Employment Cases that We Should Be? And – Does It Really Come in at Trial?
  • No-Poach and Wage-Fixing Agreements: Enforcement Trends
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Published: 4/25/2019
Pages: 1939
Volumes: 3