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Contract Drafting: How to Avoid Costly Mistakes (Electronic Download)

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Every day across the Commonwealth, lawyers are drafting contracts that won’t be enforced because they weren’t drafted correctly. The law of contracts is teeming with traps for the unwary, and common drafting mistakes expose your clients to untold, unnecessary risk. This manual will guide you through a multitude of typical contract provisions and show you how to navigate around the drafting landmines.

Summary of  Contents

  • Ethical Considerations 
  • Contractual Provisions Found In Non-Contractual Places 
  • Preliminary Agreements
  • Naming the Parties 
  • Recitals
  • Effective Date 
  • Warranties 
  • Time Is of The Essence 
  • Merger Clauses 
  • No Oral Modification and Anti-Waiver Clauses 
  • Dealing with a Contract’s Invisible Terms
  • Satisfaction Contracts and Best Efforts Terms
  • Limitations of Damages 
  • Liquidated Damages 
  • Termination Provisions
  • Force Majeure Clauses 
  • Indemnity 
  • Choice of Law 
  • Anti-Assignment Clauses Require Magic Words to Prevent Assignments 
  • General Clauses Disclaiming Third-Party Beneficiary Are Not Always Effective 
  • Pay-When-Paid Versus Pay-If-Paid 
  • Modifying Limitations Periods 
  • Headings 
  • The “Battle of The Forms”
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Published: 4/12/2019
Pages: 116