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An Attorney’s Guide to Managing a Paperless Office (Electronic Download)

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Find out how easy it is to reduce paper usage in your office and how it will help you to provide better results for your clients, streamline your practice and save you money and time. Receive guidance and pro-tips on setting up your practice including setting up your infrastructure, workflow, and training.

Summary of Contents

  • Excerpt from The Ultimate Guide to Adobe Acrobat DC 
  • Do Unicorns Exist? The Paperless Office 
  • The “Less-Paper Office” 
  • Unleash the Power of Acrobat Pro: Versatile Software a Must-Have for the Law Office of Today 
  • Scrub Your Documents! Removing Metadata Before E-mailing Can Help
  • Maintain Client Confidences 
  • The ‘Less-Paper’ Office: You Might Not Be Able to Get Rid of All Paper, but You Can Manage It More Efficiently
  • The Less-Paper Office 
  • Taming the Paper Tiger 
  • Backing Up Isn’t Hard to Do: Software, Services Makes Saving and Restoring Data Simple
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Published: 6/10/2019