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Maximizing the Outcome of Personal Injury Cases (Electronic Download)

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General litigation experience alone, is inadequate to prepare one to successfully prosecute or defend Pennsylvania real estate licensees in matters arising from sales and lease transactions, commercial or residential. This book offer a detailed examination of the substantive law, forms and procedures unique to this arena. It provides and in-depth examination of the seller disclosure law; the home inspection law; and common law causes and the contractual provisions that provide causes and defenses.

Summary of Content

Chapter OneConsiderations for Taking and Beginning a Case
1. Introduction
2. Retaining New Clients
3. Evaluating A Case
4. Evaluating the Client
5. The Next Steps – Additional Considerations

Chapter TwoStrategies for Taking and Defending Depositions 

Section 1—Plaintiff’s Perspective 
1. Preparing Yourself for Deposition
2. Planning Your Deposition 
3. Executing Your Plan 
4. Defending the Deposition 

Appendix A: Determine How Your Documents Fit into Case 
Appendix B: Sample of Getting the Most Out of Your Deposition and Dealing with Common Avoidance Behaviors 

Section 2Defense Perspective 
Taking the Deposition 

1. How to Prepare 

  • Written Discovery Answers and Document Production 
  • Understanding the Medical Records/Chronology 
  • Wage Loss/Loss of Future Earnings Claims 
  • Special Consideration in Wrongful Death Cases 
  • Electronic Communications 
  • Understanding the Legal Arguments 
  • Understanding the Medical Issues 

2. Scheduling and Taking the Deposition 

  • Should There Be an Order to the Questioning 
  • Listen to the Answers and Don’t be Afraid to Follow Up 
  • How to Ask the Question
  • When to Show a Document to a Deponent 

Defending the Deposition 

1. How to Prepare Your Client 
2. Other Considerations 
3. How to Answer Questions 
4. Other Helpful Instructions 

Appendix A: Sample Witness Disagrees or Cannot Recall 
Appendix B: Sample Documents Can Bolster Defenses to Claims 

Chapter Three
Trial of a Catastrophic Injury Case: Overview & Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes and Confronting Key Evidentiary Issues 

Section 1Plaintiff’s Perspective 

1. Effective Use of Demonstrative Evidence—General Legal Standards “Day in the Life” Videos Animations and Reconstruction
2. Presenting Your Medical Expert 
3. Cross Examination of the Medical Expert 
4. Recent Decision in Medical Malpractice Law and Key Evidentiary Issues 

Exhibit A: Excerpt of Deposition Testimony
Exhibit B: Opinion- K.H. v. Kumar, 122 A.3d 1080 (Pa Super 2015) Appeal denied, 135 A.3d 586 (2016) 

Section 2Defense Perspective (Slides) 

  • Literature and Treatises
  • The Missing Witness
  • Preserve the Record
  • Other Common Mistakes
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Published: 7/17/2019
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