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Advanced Contract Clauses—Avoiding Boilerplate (Electronic Download)

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Too often, even experienced drafters and litigators wait until the end to consider damages and remedies when they should be focusing on them from the beginning along with liability. This book covers multiple clauses and offer practical tips for drafting them and for when and how to use them enabling the practitioner to better protect the client’s interests when drafting, reviewing or litigating contract matters.

Summary of Content

  • Drafting Effective and Enforceable Restrictive Covenants 
  • “Best Efforts” Provisions in Contracts (Slides) 
  • “Shotgun” Clause (Slides) 
  • First and Third-Party Indemnification (Slides) 
  • Arbitration and Mediation Clauses
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Published: 7/22/2019
Pages: 106