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How to Prepare the PA Inheritance Tax Return (Electronic Download)

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There are plenty of ways to make a misstep when preparing the Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax return. The materials in this manual offer practical tips that will help you make sure the returns you prepare for your clients are complete and accurate. The sample returns highlight commonly mishandled items and other issues that can be particularly troublesome. You will find yourself referring to this reference book time and time again.

Summary of Contents

How to Prepare the Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax Return

  • Filing Requirements – Resident Decedent
  • Paying the Tax – Resident Decedent
  • Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax Return – Resident Decedent (Form REV-1500) (01-16)
  • Appraisements
  • Protests
  • Filing Requirements – Non-Resident Decedents 
  • The Non-Resident Decedent Inheritance Tax Return (REV-1737-A)
  • Pennsylvania Estate Tax
  • Appendices

Future Interest Compromises – Schedule M

  • Preparing a Request for a Future Interest Compromise
  • Department Analysis of the Estate’s Proposal and Appropriate Response by the Department

Old Remainders 

  • Background 
  • Filing Remainder Returns
  • Sample Remainder Returns


  • Appendix A: Section 714 Election Letter
  • Appendix B: 3 ½ % and 5% Factor Tables

Sample Returns

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Published: 8/14/2019
Pages: 758