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Riding the Waves of Life: Divorce, Custody, and Support in an Ever-Changing World (Electronic Download)

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Much like the constant ebb and flow of the oceans change the shape and texture of the Jersey shore, so does the unstoppable progress of evolution change and redefine the practice of family law. This condensed manual is a thorough update on three primary areas of family law: divorce and equitable distribution, support and custody.

Summary of Contents

Divorce Background and Update

  • Section 3502 - Title 23 - Domestic Relations 

Double-Dipping and Related Issues

  • Double-Dipping - Generally
  • Pennsylvania Case Law
  • Double-Dipping and Business Valuations
  • Conclusion

Appendix: Links to Additional Resources

Custody Background and Update

  • Title 23 Chapter 53. Child Custody
  • Title 23 § 5328. Factors to Consider When Awarding Custody
  • Title 23 § 5337. Relocation
Practice Areas
Published: 8/15/2019
Pages: 76