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A Day on Health Law (Electronic Download)

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A Day on Health Law will update you on key health law topics and trends. Highlighting six timely topics on recent false claims act cases, surprise billing, no-poach agreements, GDPR, hospital leadership and direct contracting between employers and health care providers, as well as other topics. This book will be a valuable resource as you deal with these important topics with your clients.

Summary of Contents

  • False Claims Act Update
  • Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t: Out of Network Billing Hazards from Fee-Forgiveness Suits to Surprise Billing Restrictions 
  • Patients First? Will Courts Continue “Quick-Look” or Slow Down and Apply the Rule of Reason When Evaluating No-Poach Agreements in the Health Sector? ]
  • The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation: Its Impact on U.S. Healthcare and What You Need to Know 
  • Working with Hospital Leadership: Who Is the Client? 
  • What’s Good for GM…? An Examination of Direct Contracting Between Employers and Health Care Providers
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Published: 10/30/2019