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Understanding and Responding to Changes to the Tax Code (Electronic Download)

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The 2018 tax year marked the first time that taxpayers could measure the impact of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts on their bottom line. Now that the tax season is over, it is time to tackle some of the issues that will continue to affect taxpayers over the next few years. See how these changes might offer planning opportunities in 2019 and beyond. And with more tax guidance on the way, and more tax bills in Congress, our authors will cover the best practices for updating clients about changes as well as potential changes.

Summary of Contents

Understanding and Responding to Changes to the Tax Code 2019

  • Introduction 
  • Changes Affecting Individual Taxpayers
    - Withholding
    - Federal Estate & Gift Tax
  • Changes Affecting Business Taxpayers 
    - Other Changes
    - Expensing
    - Limits on ยง1031 Exchanges 
    - Tax Benefits of Opportunity Zones 
    - Appendices
Practice Areas
Published: 11/18/2019
Pages: 146