Postponed Courses

PBI has postponed live programming at our conference centers in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Mechanicsburg through the end of May. Live and simulcast courses during that period have either been postponed or moved online for remote participation. A few have been cancelled. Affected courses are listed below, along with their new dates and/or formats, if applicable. Courses from March no longer appearing in this list have been rescheduled and can be found using our search bar at the top of this page.

Video Replays at third-party sites (e.g. a local bar association, community college, or agricultural extension service) will be postponed or cancelled at the sites' discretion. If a Video Replay has been postponed or cancelled, it will be listed below.

If you plan to attend a program at one of these sites, contact the site or check local news services to make sure the program is still scheduled and the site has not closed. Contact information for all course sites can be found on the Directions pages of our website.

Email or call 800-932-4637 between 8:30AM and 5PM, Monday through Friday, for help from our Customer Experience team.


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