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Distance education...demystified!

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From our founding in the 1960s lawyers who couldn’t attend a program have been able to buy the course manual. Early in the 1980’s PBI established our video replay network and began selling audiotapes of our courses. In the 21st century, the CLE Board accredited other forms of distance learning. What’s it all about?

“Limited” Distance Learning

The Pennsylvania CLE Board permits you to earn up to 4 of your 12 annual CLE credits by “distance learning” delivered to you personally over your computer or phone.

FLASH! Effective with the CLE compliance period that begins May 1, 2014, and phasing in with each of the next two compliance periods, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court issued an order on Jan. 23, 2014 approving amendments to Rule 108(e) of the Pennsylvania Rules for Continuing Legal Education, expanding the number of permitted distance learning credits from 4 to 6.

24/7 CLE: Archived Courses Delivered Over the Web at Your Convenience

Get the information (or credits) you need, when you need it.

Online CLE

Log into our Online Campus and find a course that meets your needs. Start watching it today, finish it within three months, and get credit when you’re done. Complete course materials are in convenient PDF format, downloadable to your computer and fully searchable (print as needed).

Podcasts (“CLE to Go”)

Download the audio course and load it on your MP3 player. Earn CLE credit when you report your unique four-letter code after you listen to the program (you’ve got three months). Most of our online CLE courses are also available as podcasts. Podcasts include all course materials, the same as online CLE.

Live Distance Education

Join hundreds of your colleagues and get slip-opinion current info:

Live Webcasts

Same technology as online CLE, but delivered live. Sign up, and if you can’t watch it then, get credit when you watch it later. Here’s the link.

Live Webinars

Call in on your phone to listen to the live speakers. Watch their slides or other resources on your computer. Ask questions, get CLE credit when the course is over. Course materials in convenient downloadable PDF format (same as our other distance ed). These are great for quick updates on new statutes and cases. Here's the link.

Credits & Deals

One More Limit (and a Work-Around)

“Distance Learning” credits can’t be carried forward. BUT the Pennsylvania CLE Board counts your distance credits first—so even if you wait until the last minute to earn them, they count toward your current CLE compliance year. If you have extra regular CLE credits, those will carry forward while your distance credits count this year.

A Really Cool Thing

Need the info but not the credits? Almost all of our online CLE and podcasts are available for NO credit at a reduced tuition fee in your choice of (archived) online CLE or podcast.

Looking for a Deal?

For those facing economic constraints while seeking to meet their CLE requirements, we always offer at least six one-hour online courses for only $29 each, and we change the titles yearly. Click here for more information.

Still Have Questions?

At the top of this page, follow the links to related pages. Or see the CLE Board's home page for Distance Learning.

Unlimited Distance Learning

Of course we deliver lots of CLE to your hometown—or right to your door—with no limits.

Simulcast Programs

We offer live simulcasts of many of our courses in classrooms across the Commonwealth, including some local bar associations. There is no limit to the number of Pennsylvnia CLE credits that can be earned in this group setting. Simulcasts are listed on individual course pages throughout our catalog: the “more information” page for each course says “Live via Simulcast” after each simulcast location.

Interested in bringing simulcasts to your bar association, law firm, or company? Here's more info.

Video Replays

Delivered to classrooms across the state, this network started in the early '80s continues to offer convenient access to our recorded programs, with no Pennsylvania credit limit. Here is our video replay calendar.

Books and Audio CDs

You don’t get CLE credit for reading our books or listening to our audio CDs, but you get the information you need to serve your clients. These are listed in our bookstore catalog.


If you can’t wait for a book to be shipped to you, or need just one chapter or form, buy an electronic publication (“e-doc”) for instant access. No CLE credit, but a great practice tool. Here's our e-doc catalog.